giovedì 17 gennaio 2013


The name of the fairy is Roshwana. The base is in metal and in wood where the foot rests. The all base is colored with acrylic colors and is embellished with beads.
The whole sculpture is high about 15 1/8 inch (38,5 cm.) from bottom of base to point of the head. The wings in total are wide from tip to tip about 11 5/8 (29,5 cm.). The fairy she is would be about 10,5 inches ( cm. 27) without base.

 La fatina si chiama Roshwana. L'intera scultura con la base è alta circa cm. 38,5. La bambola corrisponde a una fatina alta circa cm. 27. La totale larghezza delle ali da punta a punta è di circa cm. 29,5. La base è in metallo, mentre la parte piccola sopra dove poggia i piedi è in legno. L'intera base è stata colorata con colori acrilici e adornato poi con perline.

4 commenti:

Erika ha detto...

Hello, dear Barbara! Your fairy is such a wonderful one. I love her Dress And her colors. Did you work the wings with an pattern or it is free designed? Sending hugs And greetings -Erika

Cerchio Fatato ha detto...

Thanks Erika for your beautiful comment!!!
I draw the wings and then use my drawing as a guide when creating the wings.

b.b.flockling * Rose ha detto...

Oh my goodness, Barbara, she's darling...and I LOVE her bodice. Did you do the detailing yourself?!

Cerchio Fatato ha detto...

Thanks Rose!I made the bodice pasting a piece of lace that I colored earlier and then I attacked one by one all the crystals.

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